torstai 26. huhtikuuta 2012

Making the world a greener place

Today I planted some Chlorophytum comosum or as in Finnish; rönsylilja at work. I have an old plant growing and had taken off some tiny offsprings and put them into water. They first grew some roots and now they were planted, sitting quite happily on the top of my filing cabinet. Besides using up carbon dioxide, this particular plant also cleans the air. And it even helps with removing the mold particles (for the lack of better word) from the air. I was really pleased with myself for the effort. Okay, not too big an effort, but at least I finished my mission of planting a new plant. I have now three plants that clear the air in office, and then also aloe vera and some African Violets as well. The cleanse the air but also bring a bit of nature inside the building. This reduces blood pressure and calms the heart beat.
The pretty amaryllis we all had for Christmas last year for our office windows. Another plus today; I will take the night train to Lapland for a few day holiday. Train is eco efficient way of travelling but I also like travelling in the lulling of train. I can stretch out, with nothing to do besides read, knit or sleep. When I have arrived, I will so some cross country skiing and perhaps take part in our annual ice fishing competition of two families. The minus side is that we will take the car down. But DH has been good about this, he has combined his work thing (that needed the usage of car) with our little holiday, so no extra kilometres will come of it.
I hope to see some Aurora Borealis. My DH took this photo last time he was there, in March.

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