tiistai 10. huhtikuuta 2012


Good morning! After a really short night´s sleep I am totally not ready for the world. I stumble into kitchen to make coffee, oatmeal and then it is showertime.

- short shower in intervals
- non brand bar soap instead of shower gel (when possible, we have hand made ones)
- towels used until they do need to be washed, not tossed into the laundry after one use

We happen to live in a really lovely area where we have amazing water. We have our own well and don´t have to pay for the water we use. We do pay for waste water. But I consider us very lucky. Most people, it seems, have to drink water that has travelled either in pipes or in bottles for a long way. Water has been said to become the next reason for world wide conflicts and I for myself don´t doubt it for a second.

Using a search engine it took 0,16 seconds to come up with over 81 million hits for texas imports water. For an example.

Houston, we have a problem..

The water crisis are real in many countries around the globe, now already.
What Treehugger has to say about it?

We, in our Finnish household try to minimize our water usage simply because using water uses energy. Using heated water uses more energy. When our waste is taken away it uses energy. When we are travelling in countries that are struggling with clean water, we try to be even more considerate. When lathering with soap, we turn off the water. And why a soap bar - that is another story :D

Hinchinbrook Island, Qld, Australia

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