perjantai 6. huhtikuuta 2012

First real post.

I am starting this blog feeling very raw and emotional. I learned this morning that I have lost a friend to lung cancer. Thinking of you, Karen. Missing you, big and gentle hugs to you girl.

My aim is in this blog to look at choices I make and ponder if they have been ethical, environmentally sustainable and/ or kind. I will look at one thing at a time and try to figure out if I made a good deed or not. Kind of put my life under a looking glass.

My choice for today is bread. As I look at the idea of bread, there are the questions of environment, health, the cost and tradition. My Dear Husband, later referred to as DH baked two kinds of bread today. The other was sourdough, naturally leavened. The "root" is originally from DH´s birth home. We know it is at least a hundred years old. What you do is leave a bit of the dough to the rims of the bowl the dough was made in and let it dry. Next time you wake it up with a bit of warm water. Wikipedia for sourdough

Plus sides are
- 100% rye bread, very healthy
- home made (love the smell!)
- much smaller cost on the environment since the flour is only brought from outside. DH bakes a big bunch of rye bread from a 5 kg of flour.
- little salt, no additives
- inexpensive to make
- passing on the tradition of baking your own, and especially with the same "root" as the family years back has done.

Minus sides.. can´t really think of any. Rye bread is high in fibre and rye is proved to have big health benefits.

DH also baked bread for me. I have a coeliac disease and can´t eat wheat, rye or barley. So he chose a gluten free flour mix and spiced it up with cashew nuts and raisins. Oh the bread was lovely!

This bread had the same plus sides as rye, but the rye has more health benefits.
- gluten free bread is quite expensive

- gluten free bread is low on fibre
- I ate way too much of the bread! It was so lovely when it was warm.

Definitely worth baking your own, I think. Especially when DH makes it. Good for the globe, good for the wallet, good for the body and definitely good for the soul. Bad for the waist line if you eat too much and if you go for the low carb diet, then you would skip it.

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