keskiviikko 2. toukokuuta 2012

Small steps by Simon Dale

The wonderful low impact home by Simon Dale takes my breath away Simon Dale He has built a "hobbit house" and is working on another, very beautiful project now. But here are his Some things we all can do His thoughts are very much worth considering and pondering over. Please do read. I had a lovely break in Lapland with DH and our girls. They had gone sledding with huskies.
Plussides in my holiday were: - overnight train to Kolari - cross country skiing as a sport - wood heated sauna, heated with sustainably forested wood - mainly vegetarian food with local fish to accompany - cooking with an "extended family" of friends; 5 adults, 7 kids. More people eating from the same pot equals less energy used whilst cooking - on route had locally fished white fish for lunch, and we also prepared sandwiches ourselves Minuses: - took the car down south with family and used the car for transport around. No real possibilities to travel by bus or train but we kept it to the minimum - had dairy - fell for purchasing a plush toy, a Very Pretty Otter from the naturecenter.

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