maanantai 4. kesäkuuta 2012

Small commandments/ the dos and do nots of everyday

Today I want to share some random thoughts about being ecological and being kind to yourself. Just something, nothing fancy.

1) turn off the lights and computers, televisions and all other gadgets when not in use. Turn them off, don't just let them hibernate. Take out the phone chargers. Extension cords with a switch are handy.

2) don't waste water. Rinse the coffee pot with the excess water from the electric kettle

3) don't waste water, coffee beans or electricity. Try to estimate as good as possible the amount you are going to consume. Don't let the coffee sit in the coffee maker. It tastes bad and wastes electricity. You also risk the chance of forgetting to switch the things off. Put the coffee into a thermos if not drank immediately

4) drink good, fairtrade coffee. It can be a bit more expensive, so you will appreciate it more.

5) keep drinking water in a can or thermos flask. Don't let the tap run. In the sink you can keep pots that need soaking so the excess water will help the process.

6) when you finish cooking, put some water into the empty pan. It will start softening the food remains and helps the washing up later on.

7) a little cleaning up here and there, now and then will save a lot of time, energy and detergents later on. (With this I have a lot of learning to do)

8) be happy! Get off your chair/ sofa pretty often. You will save a lot on hospital bills later!

9) allow yourself some me-time every day. Yes, every day. Put on your walking shoes and go grab some fresh air, read a book, knit something. All good things for your over all happiness, your health and general well being of the globe. No, honestly.

10) love yourself

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