torstai 2. elokuuta 2012

What makes you happy?

The obvious answer is "small things". This is what you are supposed to say. And hey, it is true too. Things that yesterday made me happy were the fact that I was given a lift to a meeting and back by my dear mother in law. We had good time to set the world in order whilst driving. I would have had to choose a car at least for 20+ kms if it was not for her. I added a subway trip to the car pool and so we saved a bit of environment with our choice too.

The second thing was that the meeting had some left over treats and I was offered to take them to my kids. So, I was heading home happy and with a box full of goodies. On my way I met a girl selling the Big Issue (the Finnish version). I said that absolutely I will buy the magazine if I have any money with me. She said that she will give me discount :) I found my wallet and there was no need for a discount. We parted, both happy.

Amazing; I got a really good kick out of a free ride and free treats for my family, both for not spending money and saving a bit of environmental resources (the treats were to be binned if I did not take them) and an even better by using my money for something worthwhile.

A good day was rounded up with a nice movie and a small drop of good Scotch with my dear husband. These choices drowned the small sorrows of yesterday; a bit of toothache and an ahcing shoulder. Small things make all the difference in life. What makes you happy?

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