perjantai 3. elokuuta 2012

Flea markets and free parks

This summer we have taken up a bit more sports than before. That said - my family is actually pretty active but I am not. But this summer we utilized the neighbourhood free tennis courts and their running track with my husband and one of the kids. We had quite fun, and hopefully I will see some results too. I have taken on the habit of wearing the walk-o-meter to tell me how many steps I take daily. The addicting part is the little guy that waves his hands if I pass the 10 000 steps per day -limit. So the dog might get an extra walk if there is no little guy. Win-win, I think.

For free summer fun we took a table at street flea market with my girls one Wednesday. They collected their old toys and I looked up something I no longer need. I sold nothing, but the girls rustled up 14 € with stuffed animals. They were impressed enough. The closets were emptier and they got some spending money. My girls get 15 € from us per month so actually they got a fortnight worth of money each. Looked that way; I would be happy too if someone changed my old clothes into a two week pay check.

Girls also changed their room to more teen-agish. They now have a really good study table, given to us from an office make over. Come to think of it, we have quite a few hand me down -furnitures. Why not?

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