keskiviikko 16. tammikuuta 2013

Putting things into perspective

Yesterday I spent a whole lotta time at the dentist chair, getting my teeth filed to be readied for a bridge. I felt quite sorry for myself because a) it shall be costly and b) it hurt yesterday and it hurts today.

At the same time Syrias refugees are struggling at their camps. It is an unusually cold winter and people have very little shelter and food. These people have fled their homes and they do not know what will tomorrow be like.

Yeah. And here I am, whining about my teeth whilst I am getting taken care of. *sigh* I should be slapped. Hopefully gently, since I am still sore. Oh, and my jaw won't open properly.

Something should be done, by me and by all others. Meanwhile, take a look at this:

Picture from one of the refugees campsTweeted by Arwa Damon @arwaCNN

How can you help? Donate to Unicef

And Unicef Suomi

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