tiistai 7. toukokuuta 2013

Re-defining cool

I was re-reading Ekovuosi Manhattanilla - No Impact Man by Colin Beavan. He gives quite a lot to think about. After reading the book I am thinking mostly of one thing; how are we lead into this consumerism way of life? Why do we believe that buying things gives us happiness? The right shade of lipstick will definitely give me love, the lovely shirt will make my boss like me more. Yeah. Sure.

I was discussing this with my son, who is 19. He mentioned that what happened in England - I believe a couple of years back - when there were riots and looting. He said people crashed into shops to steal brand name products.

Most likely they did not need those things desperately. But that is what they took.

These days downshifting is trendy and people are starting to consider how much they really do need. In my opinion that is good progress. I believe that in Finland we still feel we need to secure ourselves with things. Our last wars were fought so little time ago that people still remember the shortages during and after wars. So it made sense to cling on to what we have and could get. Therefore cutting down, buying less, giving away needs a conscious decision. We need to see what really is necessary for us to be happy and then give up on other stuff. Especially when we think of purchasing new things.

I am surrounded with things. I am that kind of person that clings on to things I have inherited or gotten as a gift. I remember people by looking at things that their lives have touched in some way. Also I have great difficulties in throwing stuff away. "I could do something with this.." I think and store away that half burnt skirt or those jeans that are filled with holes. This is difficult for me.

Bottom line is; have what you need and love. Give away. Don't buy more. *sigh* I wish. But I will try. Because I am not a consumer, I am a woman, a mother and a wife. I am human. Who can very well survive without the right shade of lipstick.

..I was trying to add a picture of my husband snowboarding at the sandpit next to our house. He bought his board secondhand. I think this is very cool.

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