lauantai 29. joulukuuta 2012

Compost your waste!

My dear husband purchased us a composting toilet. We live in our own house and all the waste water goes into a tank. A huge truck has to come every month to haul our waste away. It felt very silly to a) use all that fresh water to flush and b) to take mostly water away.

We still kept the old loo, since we are a family of six. But the compost toilet has worked wonderfully. My husband does the dirty work by changing the bags. Toilet has two compartments to separate the poo and the wee :D The watery version goes into the tank and it is flushed onwards with just a cupful of water. The toilet has a fan that keeps the smells away and the whole thing is as easy as a normal water toilet. I totally recommend it. We will also be saving money since the truck won't be needed as often, but that was not the main reason. The very good drinking water was. We have lovely water to drink here and it felt such a waste to use so much of it like this.

The full bags go into a warm compost (DH has made these himself) and finally it can be returned to ground. We have a food waste compost as well for potato peels and carrot skins etc. and soil from that can be used for growing more food. The toilet waste can't be used for growing beds but it can in the end be returned to ground safe. Well, it _could_ be used for anything if composted for long enough but the thought is not attractive to me. *lol*

So, compost! Make soil from the different scraps of your daily life :)

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