keskiviikko 12. syyskuuta 2012

Flu - darn it!

Soon I will need candles since it is autumn time here in Finland. Today was really warm, but greyish. I think it is time to start sprouting again. Right now it is a wonderful time of harvesting and everything is really good and fresh, but pretty soon the real seasonal stuff will be things like potatoes, cabbage and different root vegetables. Tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce will all be produced in the green houses with lots of energy.

Sprouting I generally make ours with just a glass jar and a thin cloth.

Right now I have a major flu. I have been fighting it with home made berry juice and lots of warm rooibus tea. Annoying. I have been pottering about the house for two days but obviously it is not fun since all I can do is sleep and read a bit. If I was feeling well, I would totally enjoy the possibility to hang about with my woollen socks on.

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