lauantai 8. syyskuuta 2012


This photo is about looking from our backyard. DH took it. This little forest is heavy with wild blueberries this year. Everyone in Finland has a right to pick wild berries and mushrooms from the forests and every year we (all) feel bad because so much is left in the woods.

I have picked probably 3 desilitres worth of those this year, I am useless when it comes to picking berries. DH has been picking wild chanterelles and drying them. I picked nettles and dried those. I use them in cooking and baking. Drying wild veggies and mushrooms makes perfect sense to me; they will fit in small spaces and are easy to use.

So many things speak for utilizing the forest. Free exercise, free food, fresh air. If only I could get my lazy bones out. I am happy to say that both my mother and mother in law are way better with this, I hope I will one day follow their example.

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