lauantai 31. elokuuta 2013

Small changes - big waves

When we do know what to do - why don't we just do it? When we know what is the etchical or ecological way of doing things, why not just go ahead with it?
My lame excuses are stuff like this: when I want to buy something that I don't really need. "Oh, it is so pretty, it will make our home look so much prettier" or "N.N. will be so happy when she gets this." Pretty new thing for the living room is a substitute for time spent leisurely at home. To give someone a gift is a cheap substitute for love.

What I really would want to do rather than try and delight someone with someTHING is to take my friends out for a picnic. Take my kids to a cafe. Have a massage. Sit down and be at peace at my own home.

Why don't I do it? Beats me. I think we have somehow gotten engraved into our souls that a good person is a good consumer.

This summer I have truly found the pleasure of bicycling - thanks go to my colleague who cheered me on and to my husband who got me the wonderful second hand bike. It has taken me around for almost 750 kms through this summer. Pretty good for a person who did not own a bike earlier. Rewards are many; better condition, happier, stronger.. hopefully also leaner new me soon. And quite a few ice creams not bought because the good feeling came without it. Good for the waist, good for the environment, this trading the ice creams for biking. Such a good substitute. I took my bike to work quite a few times. Easy decision; work out AND work commuting done at once. But we will see what happens when the autumn arrives. Most likely the lure of the car will be tempting. Sigh. I will try.

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