tiistai 23. lokakuuta 2012

Food and warmth

We had a "Homeless Night" at 17th of October. Already quite a cold time of year here in Finland and makes you really think about people who don't have a shelter.

We organized with friends an one hour -thing with free, hot soup, possibility to donate/ take clothes, a few songs by a man and a guitar -duo and a sing along. Lots of candles outside, coffee and cookies and cinnamon buns as well.

It warmed my heart when an old lady brought a bag of clothes to give. She did not want
anything and did not stay - she just came to give. She looked like she has had some hard times in her life herself so may be that is exactly why she wanted to help.

It was easy to see who were in need themselves. They looked from far first and they had to be asked closer and offered the soup, sometimes twice. Very polite, quiet, a bit shagged perhaps. One could almost say they were a bit scared by life. And no wonder. I would too, if I was not born under these lucky stars that have given me education, food, a home and a loving family. I am extremely lucky. And you never know. Like Mellencamp has sung; "I never thought this could happen to me."

This is not such a good quality version but the song is outstanding John Cougar Mellencamp

Trying to behave - yes, doing something because I think I should, but in the end getting more than giving. Singing with a stranger, who at first was standing alone, singing quietly and then gradually starting to sing out loud when he collected his courage. Such a big moment for me. Or - as the said man with a guitar phrased it: Now I can do some silly and meaningless things for a couple of months again. *g*

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